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Cast Acrylic Sheets

Characteristics of material

1. Acrylic plastic

2. Half the weight of glass

3. Impact resistant

4. Unaffected by sun or salt spray

5. Temperature range of -30 to 160°F for continuous service.


Notices for use:

1. The thin sheet will become soft above 100°c , so it should not be used in the environment above 85°c.

2. As the hardness at surface is similar to aluminum it should be protected with masking paper in stock and cleaned with wet cloth or suds to avoid from scratch and static electricity caused.

3. As the coefficient of thermal expansion is big, it should be considered when setting or fixing.


Methods to fix the size changed by temperature:

1. The space should be remained for the changed by temperature when installment.

2. When locking with screws, the screw holes should be made as ellipse to offer the space for the size changed.

3. Use elastic rubber space.


Available Dimension List:

1060×1370 mm 1060×2130 mm 1370×1980 mm
910×1830 mm 1060×2280 mm 1220×1980 mm
2050×3050 mm 1220×2130 mm 1220×2440 mm
910×1980 mm 1220×1830 mm 1520×2440 mm


Thickness: 1 to 60 mm

Different Colors